First Assignment on a Noted Gunboat

hathorneThe story of navy officer William Henry Hathorne and his experience on the gunboat Cincinnati was just published in the Civil War News, and is now is available on “Faces of War.” An excerpt:

Bache realized that his ship was finished. The crippled Cincinnati limped upstream and grounded along the shore. “The boat sank in about 3 fathoms of water, lies level, and can easily be raised. She lies within range of the enemy’s batteries,” Bache observed. (7)

The crew abandoned ship. When it was all over, Bache counted twenty-nine casualties, which included five killed, thirteen wounded, ten drowned, and one captured. Bache also included additional casualties from the Fifty-eighth Ohio Infantry. Soldiers from the regiment scrambled to rescue the sailors. One was wounded, and two drowned.

Read the rest of his story.

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