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  1. Hello
    Happy to hear that you have taken the responsability of military images.
    I’m a french military cdv collector (visit my website and used to be a subsriber if MI a few years ago, but stopped my subscription because the magazine was too much focused on civil war, with exclusion to other conflict of the victorian era.

    • Hi Jerome,

      Thanks for the support. The magazine was founded in 1979 to showcase and interpret images of “American fighting men” from 1839 to 1939. The emphasis however from the very beginning was about the American Civil War, due largely to audience interest. As you noticed when you were a subscriber, the vast majority of images are from the Civil War era. And a recent poll—my first act as editor and publisher, showed that 96.6% of respondents want to keep the content of the magazine as is. I am interested in representing other conflicts with an American connection, and am open to your suggestions. I also recall one article from a back issues that highlighted wars that were happening around the world at the same time as the American Civil War, and the author used military portraits combined with brief captions to describe the conflict and provide details about the uniform that the soldier wore. An article that I have not seen would use military portraits from France and other countries to show how they influenced American military uniforms. This “origins” concept I think would be appealing to the MI audience. If any of these possibilities interest you, please contact me to discuss further!

  2. I am the editor of the Civil War Roundtable of Palm Beach County, Florida, monthly newsletter, “Haversacks and Saddlebags,” You can find our newsletters at www/ We are working up a pamphlet and I was searching for pictures of brothers who fought on opposite sides, when I came across the story of William and Charles Goldsborough. We request your consent to use the picture of both brothers side by side, with attribution. If you ever plan to visit Southeastern Florida (especially at this time of year!) we would love to hear your stories. We meet on the second Wednesday of each month in the Mural Room of the Scottish Rite Museum in Lake Worth..
    Stephen L. Seftenberg

  3. Just finished “African American Faces of the Civil War-An Album”. You autographed it for me and my grandson, Matt, March 22, 2015 @ the Timonium Cow Palace. The book was WONDERFUL! It was obvious that you put a huge amount of effort into this work. You have done a terrific service to these men, their descendants and to history. Keep it up. Jerome J. Seidenman

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