Women on an Ivy-Covered Porch

This carte de visite by B.H. Rounds of Cannelton, Ind., pictures two women framed by a wreath of ivy as they stand on a porch. One woman, perhaps the younger, lay her clasped hands on the shoulder of the older, and she rests an arm and hands on the well-worn rail. Cannelton, Ind., was home to Cannelton Cotton Mill. Built in 1849, it was at one time the largest industrial building in the U.S. west of the Allegheny Mountains.

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Women on an Ivy-Covered Porch

The Identity of A.S.H.

This carte de visite by J.H. Larrabee of Kendallsville, Ind., pictures a federal infantryman with his canteen. Two uncommon notes about his uniform: His gloves is marked with his monogram A.S.H., and the hatband of his forage cap extends across the front edge of the flat part of the cap instead of wrapping around the base.

Written in pencil across the monogramed glove is an undecipherable word, perhaps his name.

Kendallsville was home to Camp Mitchell during the Civil War. Two Indiana regiments trained there, the 12th Cavalry and the 129th Infantry.

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The Identity of A.S.H.

Super Patriot

A carte de visite by an unidentified photographer of an unnamed Union cavalryman with one hand resting on the hilt of his saber, and another holding an 1860 Army Colt revolver. He stands in front of the Stars and Stripes, which has been tacked to a canvas backdrop that hangs over simple wood flooring. Penciled on one fold of the flag is a word, and it appears to be “Indiana.”

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Super Patriot

New to My Collection: A Civil War Photographer

Curious to know what the men who documented the Civil War in photos looked like? Here is one of those early photographic pioneers. His identity is unknown, but two clues may put a name to his face. The back mark on this image credits the photographer as Jos. Longaker of Attica, Indiana. This may be his self portrait. The individual may also be Charley Haller. According to his great-great niece, Susan McKenney of Guntersville, Ala., Haller was a photographer in Attica during the Civil War period and owned this image.

If you have any information about Haller or Longaker, please be in touch.

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A Civil War Photographer