Two Officers Strike a Pose of Authority

This carte de visite by prolific Tennessee photographer Theodore M. Schleier pictures two Union officers with muddy boots. They stand with swords drawn, a signal of authority over enlisted men. They are identified only as “Capt. Martin” and “Lt. Kile.”

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Two Officers Strike a Pose of Authority

Soldier Boy

A child is identified as Jesse Jefferson Martin in period pencil on the back of this carte de visite by G.D. Morse of San Francisco. Young Martin is dressed in a military-inspired outfit. His coat is adorned with brass buttons on the shoulders, collar, and cuffs. A handkerchief is tucked inside one pocket, and a watch chain with a fob shaped like a pistol hangs from the other pocket. He holds a toy musket that seems exact in all the details. A felt cap with a striped band and emblem lay on the floor next to him. This may be Jesse J. Martin (1861-1828) of California.

This image is new to my collection, and available on PinterestTumblr, and Flickr.
Soldier Boy

A Pennsylvanian Who Answered the Emergency Call in 1863

This carte de visite of Thomas J. Martin was taken by photographer H. Bishop in Chambersburg, Pa., at some point during the summer of 1863. Martin served a 60-day term of enlistment with Company A of the Fifty-first Pennsylvania Militia Infantry. The regiment was organized at Philadelphia on July 3, 1863, for the protection of Pennsylvania during Lee’s invasion. It mustered out on September 2, 1863.

The back of the mount of the image includes Martin’s address, 3000 Richmond St., Philadelphia.

This carte de visite is new to my collection, and is now available on PinterestTumblr, and Flickr:
A Corporal in the Pennsylvania Militia Infantry