Girl Liberty

A girl with the hint of a smile wears a white dress wrapped with the Stars and Stripes. A second banner is attached to a stick that she grasps in her hand. Completing the costume is a liberty cap, which is emblematic of a slave’s manumission in ancient times and a symbol of freedom in young America. This carte de visite is from Morse’s Gallery of the Cumberland in Nashville, Tenn., circa 1864-1866.

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Girl Liberty

Five Federals in Nashville

morse-stampThis carte de visite of five well-manicured and impeccably dressed soldiers was taken in the studio of A.S. Morse, a prolific photographer affiliated with the Union Army of the Cumberland.

The absence of shoulder straps on their coats indicates that these men were privates, and a hand-cancelled revenue stamp with Morse’s initials on the back of the photograph’s mount dates the image from 1864-1866.

This carte de visite is new to my collection, and is now available on PinterestTumblr, and Flickr:
Five Federals in Nashville