Border State Girl

A young lady stands before the camera with one arm resting on a table upon which rests her bonnet. The remains of a revenue stamp on the back of the mount dates this carte de visite to 1864-1866, which was taken by Elrod Bros. of Lexington, Ky. Her name is lost to history, and it is not known if she had brothers who may have fought for the North and South.

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Border State Girl

Five Federals in Nashville

morse-stampThis carte de visite of five well-manicured and impeccably dressed soldiers was taken in the studio of A.S. Morse, a prolific photographer affiliated with the Union Army of the Cumberland.

The absence of shoulder straps on their coats indicates that these men were privates, and a hand-cancelled revenue stamp with Morse’s initials on the back of the photograph’s mount dates the image from 1864-1866.

This carte de visite is new to my collection, and is now available on PinterestTumblr, and Flickr:
Five Federals in Nashville