A Duryée Zouave

An enlisted man of the 5th New York Infantry (Duryée’s Zouaves) stands for his portrait photograph. There is no written information on the back of the mount. A contemporary observer suggested that this soldier may be William Henry Seward Sweet of the 146th New York Infantry. However, this man wears the uniform of the 5th and not the 146th, and so this identification is questionable.

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A Duryée Zouave

Received the Medal of Honor for Courage at Chattanooga

John James Toffey (1844-1911) of Jersey City joined the Union army at age 18 when he enlisted for a one year term in the 21st New Jersey Infantry. He immediately reenlisted in the Thirty-third New Jersey Infantry when it was organized in the summer of 1863. Toffey and his comrades, distinctive in their Zouave-style uniforms, reported to the Army of the Cumberland for duty and participated in the Chattanooga Campaign. On November 23, 1863, Toffey rose from his sick bed to fight in the Battle of Orchard Knob. His colonel, George Mindil, ordered him in at a critical moment: The advance line of the Thirty-third had wavered and buckled in a charge under Confederate fire. “I ran across the open field and reached the advance line in time to prevent it from breaking. I reformed the line and we again charged … just as we were carrying the position I received a severe wound,” Toffey explained. He was struck by two rebel bullets. One ripped into his right thigh at the pelvis, fracturing that bone and his leg. The second bullet caused a flesh wound to his other leg. The wounds ended his combat service, and he served the rest of the war in the Veteran Reserve Corps. He received the Medal of Honor in 1897. His “superlatively brave conduct,” noted Col. Mindil, “saved the position, and enabled us on the following morning to press forward the entire line” as it surged up and over Lookout Mountain for another stunning Union victory that spelled doom for Confederate forces under Gen. Braxton Bragg.

I wrote about Toffey in my first book, Faces of the Civil War: An Album of Union Soldiers and Their Stories.

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Received the Medal of Honor for Courage at Chattanooga

New to My Collection: Full Dress Zouave

Zouave BackA Union soldier dressed in the elaborate Zouave style photographed in Utica, N.Y. It is possible that this unidentified man served in the 146th New York Infantry, which was raised in Utica and other towns in Oneida County, N.Y. The regiment wore Zouave uniforms during part of their enlistment.

Original Zouave images are uncommon, and this is one of the better photos that I’ve seen.

J.B. Smith’s patriotic studio mark, stamped on the back of the mount of the photo, leaves no doubt where his loyalties were. I admire the lean and powerful eagle, wings in motion, head raised, Union shield below and thirteen stars above. Young, strong, powerful America!

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Full Dress Zouave